CIP Media Usage

Our research resulted in some interesting information regarding the behavior of CIP as it pertains to what types of media outlets they get their information from.

When you see, hear, or read things in the media about children who have parents in prison, what kinds of things do the media say? Based on the media, people think CIP are (4 most common responses):
  • Angry 

  • Violent 

  • Angry towards their parent 

  • Troublemakers

Which of the following do CIP youth mainly use on a daily basis for entertainment?
  • Television 

  • Internet/Social networking websites 

  • Internet/website 

  • Radio 

Which of the following do you mainly use on a daily basis for general information seeking?
  • Television

  • Internet/website 

  • Internet/Social networking websites 

  • Radio 

If you have questions about your health, which of the following do you use?
(3 most common responses):
  • Health provider (doctor, nurse, health professional) 

  • Internet/website 

  • Family 

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This program is made possible in part  through a partnership with the Connecticut Children with Incarcerated Parents (CTCIP) Initiative, a project of the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP) at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). For more information, visit

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